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Wow! I just viewed the video.  I'm impressed and appreciative.  You work really captures dance movement clearly. - Nailah R-B.

Wow, thank you so much for your attention to detail to ensure I get the best quality documentation of my work.  I really appreciate the effort and time you put into this. - Natalie J.

Thank you so much for these incredible shots! - Avery P.

You are truly masterful and amazing at what you do. Sen. E.

Your work is so compelling Bill! - Markus P.

The photographs you took capture the work beautifully.  I'm so grateful for your work and your art.  Colleen W.

You make me look brilliant.  More subtle than the real deal. - Lynda R.

He has such a sensitivity to movement and space, and timing, so crucial for a dance photographer!  - Rachel M.

Thank you for your brilliant video work.  - David S.

Today was a pure joy for me.  It is so wonderful to work with you and have a joint creation.  - Pam N.

Thank you so much for the beautiful photos of Amy.  It's almost as if she's sitting next door.  Kathy H.

It isn't enough to express my gratitude for your beautiful pictures.  - Maura M.

Bill is invaluable to me as a choreographer because his work is so clear and clean.  - Kathy H.

Thank you for your video work.  You brought calm to a busy scene.  - Elaine S.

Wonderful, thank you!  You are so awesome!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  - Eliz. A.

Thank you again.  This looks great!  Much appreciated.  I'm sure we will work again in the future.  - Const. F.

Thank you!  I'm downloading them now.  Great job!  - Kieran J.

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