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In December of 2020, I had the chance to work with

Ruth Benson Levin and Lynn Modell

to capture their dance "Lighten Up."  

Ruth Benson Levin and Lynn Modell have been working together for many years. They first met as freshman dance majors at Adelphi University and have been creating dance works together ever since. Now, having reached a certain age, feeling free and unencumbered from full-time jobs and raising children, Lynn and Ruth decided to continue their performing career under the name, “Duets for a Lifetime.” They have performed at NACHMO Boston, Starlight Theater, Salem Arts Festival, Dance for World Community, Somerville ArtBeat, and WatchCity Steampunk Festival.  During the Covid winter of 2022, they created a self-illuminated dance, Lighten Up, and performed it in over 50 driveways around Boston. The Celebrity Series of Boston presented their video, “Basement Airlines” as part of a performance on artists working during Covid lockdown. Most recently, they performed a new dance as part of the 30th-anniversary celebration of the Dance Complex. 

Contact them at 

View the video at:

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